End of Semester Thoughts

Another semester of college almost done, and suddenly I'm halfway done. I'm halfway to being a part of the "real" world, with a "real" job. And I think it's about time to look back at what I've accomplished and what I've learned in these last few months that I already know are going to be… Continue reading End of Semester Thoughts


Social Media Crises

Social media has connected old friends, new friends, and companies with customers. But it has also created an environment where companies can permanently damage their brand if they post a culturally insensitive or ill-researched advertisement online and are not prepared for the social media onslaught that follows. There are hundreds of examples of brands with this… Continue reading Social Media Crises

Social Media Management & Measurement

Sometimes maneuvering through your social media or its analytics feels like you're trying to use a typewriter to do it. So why do we go through all that trouble just to post a few words here and there and get a few numbers back on the performance of those words? Why Post? Well, let's start with why… Continue reading Social Media Management & Measurement


Dictionary.com defines Curation as: "To pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content." A well-known example of online curation is Pinterest, where users gather specific images and organize them into lists and categories, allowing others to come and view the images. Why is content curation important? For individuals, curating content that… Continue reading Curation

Being Professional Online: Necessity, not a Luxury

Once upon a time, your professional life consisted solely of the building you walked into every morning and walked out of at night, and nothing else. Going home you could be a completely different person than you were at the office. You often never saw your co-workers outside of that building, and only occasionally went… Continue reading Being Professional Online: Necessity, not a Luxury