What I Love About Livestock Shows

I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and a younger sister ;). We had the chickens and the goats because my family all love showing livestock. When I was young, I showed chickens (yes, it's possible and yes, it's as cute as it sounds), and then when I was a little bit older… Continue reading What I Love About Livestock Shows


It’s Been a While

So it's been about 9 months since I lasted posted on here. I'll admit, this blog was started because I had to for a class. But I never meant to leave it dormant. I always had a half-formed plan to keep this going. But then I spent the summer researching my family's genealogy, and then… Continue reading It’s Been a While

Social Media Crises

Social media has connected old friends, new friends, and companies with customers. But it has also created an environment where companies can permanently damage their brand if they post a culturally insensitive or ill-researched advertisement online and are not prepared for the social media onslaught that follows. There are hundreds of examples of brands with this… Continue reading Social Media Crises

360 Degree Video-What About It?

360° video is one of the new and fancy pieces of technology that everyone seems to want and no one knows why. But that does not mean that 360° videos and still images cannot be used in a marketing campaign successfully. Why Should I Buy One? According to Cella Lao Rousseau on AndroidCentral.com, the biggest reasons… Continue reading 360 Degree Video-What About It?

Marketing on YouTube

YouTube has become more than just a site to find videos on. It has become THE website to search for videos on. 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. That comes out to 3.25 billion hours of video viewed each month. YouTube also reports that… Continue reading Marketing on YouTube

Geolocation Marketing

A trend that I do not see going away anytime soon is the trend of personalization. A good portion of products today offer some degree of personalization. Whether that's the colors available or stickers and decals that they can place onto the product, consumers love customizing their purchases. So why are we still not personalizing our… Continue reading Geolocation Marketing

My War Room Experience

War Room. Command Center. These phrases can be applied to both the rooms that wars are planned in, and rooms that social media managers take over during events. The outcomes of these scenario’s may be different, but if you’ve been in either of those rooms, the intensity of the people within the room cannot be denied.… Continue reading My War Room Experience

Social Media Management & Measurement

Sometimes maneuvering through your social media or its analytics feels like you're trying to use a typewriter to do it. So why do we go through all that trouble just to post a few words here and there and get a few numbers back on the performance of those words? Why Post? Well, let's start with why… Continue reading Social Media Management & Measurement