Social Media Management & Measurement

Sometimes maneuvering through your social media or its analytics feels like you’re trying to use a typewriter to do it. So why do we go through all that trouble just to post a few words here and there and get a few numbers back on the performance of those words?

Why Post?

Well, let’s start with why people post on social media in the first place. There are a number of reasons why, all first depending on whether it’s for a personal or business account. If it’s personal, then maybe you’re just trying to make sure your friends and family stay up to date on what you’re doing. And if that’s the case, then you can ignore everything I’m abaout to say. But if it’s for a business, then you’re building an online brand; you’re trying to get your followers to go over to your website; you’re keeping consumers engaged, etc. The bottom line for a business’ social media is The Bottom Line. You’re trying to turn followers on Twitter and Facebook into customers.

But no one is ever going to move from being a follower to customer unless they a) are already a customer and followed your social media just to keep up with you, or b) they believe in the online brand you have created so much that they want to keep supporting you. If they’re option a, then you’re set and don’t really have to keep doing anything special to keep them a happy customer. But if they fall under option b, then you have to take up the task of social media management.

Social media management is another term for creating your online brand. You want your posts, pictures, and videos to all reflect the brand identity you want to create, which takes careful planning and research. You can use a social media managing agency if you don’t want to take on the pressure of managing your brand, or use one of the many tools online that were created for this specific purpose, such as Hootsuite, Socialoomph, Everypost, and Buffer.

How Do You Measure It?

Once you’ve created your content, why do you even need to measure how well it’s doing? Isn’t creating the content and putting it wherever it’s going to be the most effective enough?

While that mindset might have worked when your content consisted of newspaper and magazine ads, before the internet was a marketing possibility, but now you can track more than just how many people bought your products after you place an ad. Now you can track how long they look at your ad, how many people click on it and convert that number into how many people bought something after clicking on the ad, you can track how many people are discussing your product on social media and what they are saying about it, and so much more. There is an almost infinite number of things you can track regarding online engagement, limited only by what you want to know.

Want to know how engaging your website is? Track the “stickiness” of it by seeing how long consumers remain on your page. Want to know the demographics of your consumers? You can track that too. You can track clicks, follows, shares, how long they watch your video for, and a thousand other options.

The point of this is to say that if there is a particular aspect of your business online that you want to know more about, you can track it. There are dozens of tools online that allow you to view the analytics of your social media posts and your website traffic. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook have an analytics system built into them. You can also use the above-mentioned tools to view the analytics of the profiles you’ve added to them.

Once you’ve started creating  your online brand identity with consistent social media management, and figured out what you want to measure and what tools you are going to measure with, you can then use that research to go to the next step, whatever that next step is for you. You can dig deeper into your current target market and really market to them, or start deciding what you need to change to appeal to a different target market. But either way, it starts with managing your social media effectively and analyzing their results for your benefit.


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